Parents & Friends Association

St Peter’s Parents and Friends Association (P&F) is a voluntary body of parents and interested friends of the school and operates under the patronage of the Parish Priest. The P&F meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month usually at 9:00am, however, evening meetings also occur. Notice of meetings is given in the St Peter’s Press and via our school app.

The primary focus of the P&F Association is to provide an opportunity for parents to contribute valuable input in the direction for St Peter’s and to stay informed of developments around the school. The support of the P&F is integral to the efficient running of the school and also takes responsibility for the school’s canteen service. The P&F is a fundraising body as well as a social and educational arm of the school community.

President: Mrs Aimee Sinclair

Vice President: Mrs Emily Crampton

Secretary: Mrs Amy Boyle

Treasurer: Mrs Emma Black-Garcia

board meeting