Students in primary school complete 150 minutes of Religious Education per week across four strands. These strands are based generally on the structure of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and are central to the living Catholic tradition. The Catechism is thus a key reference text in the development of the syllabus. The four strands are systematically developed using contemporary language and sources.

  • Jesus and scripture: God’s love is revealed especially in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and communicated primarily through the Scriptures.
  • History and beliefs: God acts through the church community whose central beliefs are expressed in the Creed.
  • Celebration and prayer: The Church community celebrates its relationship with God through the Sacraments and through communal and personal prayer.
  • Justice and morality: Christians are called to live just and moral lives and to respect the whole of creation.

Regular opportunity to participate in prayer, liturgies and Mass are central to the religious experience at St Peter’s.