St Peter's Primary School, Stockton, is a small school located in a beachside suburb of Newcastle. The school was first established in 1887 and has been handing on the Catholic tradition and practice of faith through successive generations.

1887: January 30th – St Peter's Catholic Church, Stockton, was consecrated by the Right Rev. Doctor Murray, Bishop of Maitland. The school opened with classes held in the church. Miss Pierce from Albury was the first teacher at the school.

1903: St Peter's denominational school's first building, a wooden structure, was opened.

1918: There were 200 students enrolled at the denominational school. Patrick Clifford Callen started the school in the old school building. The students were given Peace Medals to celebrate 'the war to end all wars'. Cliff's first teacher was Sister Theela.

1920: Norbert Callen donated ships' ballast to solidify the sand which covered the school grounds. The ballast consisted of small pebbles which the students believed must be valuable coming from such 'far away places'. It soon became a favourite pass time, 'fossicking' through the ballast looking for treasure.

1957: July 21st – St Peter's Kindergarten King Street, was blessed and opened by Bishop Dr John Toohey. The building was closed in the 1970's after attendance dwindled. A new kindergarten was incorporated in the present two-storied school building.

1971: July 25th – St Peter's Primary Schools’ two storied brick building was blessed and opened by Bishop Dr John Toohey.

1973 – 1985: Sister Mary Bernadine was Principal St Peter's Primary School.

1985: After 60 years’ residence in the Stockton parish the Sisters of Mercy left Stockton. Sister Mary Bernadine was the last sister to teach at St Peter's Primary School. Since 1985 the school has continually developed and a series of building works have seen the facility constantly improving.

2008: the school benefitted from Government BER funding and a new administration section and COLA were added.

2017: the school was granted permission to use the parish hall as a classroom as the school continued to grow.

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