As a Catholic school, St Peter’s shares in the mission of the Catholic Church. Christ’s commandment “to love one another as I have loved you” is the basis of all faith communities. Pastoral care gathers all the qualities and practices within a community that seek to make this commandment real.

Wellbeing is the concept which underpins pastoral care. St Peter's is focused on the wellbeing of the whole school community. We are conscious of the need to promote healthy wellbeing in all areas of the human person. Mental health is of paramount importance. We recognise the flow-on effects of mental wellbeing to academic achievement and whole of life satisfaction. To help prepare students for the ups and downs of life, St Peter’s implements the “You Can Do It” program which builds students’ skills in resilience, confidence, persistence, organisation and getting along. Aspects of this program are taught throughout the year and awards are structured to recognise these areas.

St Peter’s is currently developing policies and procedures around Positive Behaviour Support to further enhance emphasis on student wellbeing and behaviour.

Where a need for specific assistance is identified, St Peter’s offers the services of a School Counsellor who visits the school one day each week. The school runs a number of other programs throughout the year targeted to the needs of individual students. These include Zones of Regulation, Cool and Friendly (anger management), The Friendship Program (making and maintaining friendships) and Seasons for Growth (bereavement).

Buddy Program

At St Peter’s, we aim to ensure the transition into kindergarten is a smooth and positive experience for all students. Each new kindergarten student is assigned a Stage 3 buddy on Orientation Day to help them feel comfortable and adjust to the next phase of school life. The buddy support system enables Stage 3 students to demonstrate their leadership skills, strengthen their confidence and provide a friendly face for new students in the playground.

Once the school year begins, this same buddy then greets and accompanies the new kindergarten student to their classroom and continues to interact with them in the playground during recess and lunch. During the term, playing with their buddy on the playground naturally decreases as the student begins to play more with their kindergarten peers.

We also conduct information sessions for parents to learn vital information about school readiness and preparing their children for their first day of school. This allows young parents to reduce isolation and anxiety and become familiar with the school environment. Future kindergarten students enjoy the opportunity to meet their classmates and teacher, socialise with their new peers and become familiar with the classroom environment.


Support Personnel

Learning Support Team

Students at St Peter’s are supported in their learning by a Learning Support Teacher and Learning Support Assistants. The Learning Support team work to support both the Pastoral and Academic needs of the students.

Clinical Psychologist

St Peter's has the services of a Clinical Psychologist, provided through the Catholic Schools Office, working at the school one day each week. The psychologist provides support with academic and social assessments. Recommendations are made to assist parents and teachers to cater for the ongoing educational needs of the students.