Bus Routes

Hunter Valley Buses provides a bus service for students travelling to and from school. For information regarding bus routes and travel, click on the link below:

Bus Passes

All students from Kindergarten to Year 2 are eligible for a free school Opal Card. Students from Year 3 to Year 6 who live outside the 1.6km straight line or 2.3km walking distance from the school are also eligible for a free School Opal Card. To apply for a new School Opal Card, parents/guardians need to complete the application on the Transport for NSW website.

The school will then be notified that there is a pending bus application and will then log-on to endorse the application. Once approved, the School Opal Card will be sent to the address provided on the application. Students in Year 2 and Year 6 must re-apply at the end of the year for the following school year. All other children are required to pay the appropriate bus fare. Parents who have to transport their children more than 1.6 kilometres to the nearest bus stop are eligible for a car subsidy. Parents are asked to regularly reinforce correct behaviour and appropriate conduct when travelling on school buses.

Own Transport

In areas where there is no public transport, eligible residents may receive a subsidy for transporting their students to school by private vehicle. For details please click here

Student Drop-Off Zones

Students may be dropped off in Dunbar Street at the front of the Church. Parents who stop on the opposite side of the road are advised to supervise their children across the road at the flagged pedestrian crossing and through the school gate. Please do not stop or park in the bus zone in Crown Street or the "No Stopping" zone in front of the school office.

Students who walk or ride to school enter through the gate on Dunbar Street.